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Address: 11900 Parklawn Dr Suite 412, Rockville MD    Call Now: 301-468-6276

Wood Refurbishing


It's impossible to avoid the occurrence of unintentional damage to fine wood furnishings and millwork.

Wood finishes, whether cherry, mahogany, ebony or pear, becomes dry from exposure to the effects of heating and air conditioning. Elevator lobbies show scratches and dents from constant use. The millwork throughout the main lobby and elevator lobbies fall victim to constant traffic. The wooden concierge desk and towering walls, once majestic, become gouged and faded.

All of these scratches, dents, scrapes and gouges can be removed, and the wood brought back to the original luster and depth of shading...the beautiful, rich finish restored. And this rejuvenation can be accomplished on site!

The wood is cleaned, filled, burned-in and sanded. Lacquer or varnish is applied, smoothed withsteel wool and lacquer or varnish applied again, until the piece is acceptably comparable to its original look.

Wood walls suffering rough treatment can be refurbished on a regular basis and are among the most cost-effective wall surfaces to maintain. The beautiful finishes available help enrich the overall look of the building and, if addressed on a regular basis, can look like they did when they were first installed.